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Empty Hotel Rooms go up for online auction

Want a cheap hotel room? Now you can bid for one online. RoomAuction is a new site that enables visitors to bid on vacant rooms for less than the standard rate offered by the hotel.

Roomauction shows the standard rate for the different types of rooms at around 90 featured hotels in the UK and the customer offers the lowest price they that they are willing to pay, sparking a bidding war with a hotelier. It’s a great way to secure a room more cheaply than by booking directly with the hotel itself.

Bob Drapella, MD of, told .net that he used to be a hotel manager and was always trying to generate better ways to fill vacancies. “Potential guests can get the rooms cheaper as they will see what the rate usually is and hoteliers aren’t left with empty rooms”, he says.

On receipt of a bid, the hotelier decides if the offer is reasonable. The service is free and no registration or credit card details are required until a booking is confirmed.