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Hotel La Pace – an eclectic experience in Pisa, Italy.

Hotel La Pace – an eclectic experience in Pisa, Italy.

There are modern design hotels and there are hotels with a soul. Hotel La Pace definitely falls into this second category. It's not love at first sight for most guests, but at the same time most guests also leave pleasantly surprised, once they've experience the hotel's friendly nature.

Walls in all areas of the property are covered with artworks from an artist who once used to live and have his studio in the very same building. They are very diverse in style and themes, so if you wander around, you may find something you like. And if you do, you can also buy it. On a closer look I noticed that they are all numbered. When I asked about it at the front desk I found out that a purchase is possible.



The rooms are, as Hotel La Pace calls them, vintage. Indeed, they have a bit of an old-school feeling to them, pepped up by the artworks.

The breakfast area is very eclectic, with a buffet lining the walls of two rooms and pastries displayed on an old piano. By the way, the cake selection was one of the biggest I have ever encountered in a hotel. A pretty great idea is the kids’ corner, where little ones can let steam off and parents can keep an eye on them, whilst also enjoying their breakfast in peace and no hurry.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest advantages of Hotel la Pace is its location. Literally just a few steps away from the train station, it's perfect if you want to plan some day trips from Pisa to nearby towns like Lucca, Viareggio or Livorno. Trains from Pisa Centrale depart frequently, so you can always spontaneously decide to take an excursion.

Talking to the hotel's staff was the highlight of my stay. Everyone, without exception, was smiling and helpful and confirmed that it's true what Hotel la Pace claims about their family atmosphere.

This eclectic place, with two old red phone booths in the lobby and crest reliefs below the ceiling, is definitely one thing – unique. Whether you'll love it or not, you'll enjoy the staff's smiles, the location and the one-of-a-kind experience.


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